• Dicken Christian

Release: Swift Backup v3.2.0 Beta with Android R support

Updated: May 18

Notes on first compatibility beta release (v3.2.0) with Android R support. Download will soon be available in our official Telegram channel.

SD cards now officially supported starting with Android R

With the new special permission 'All files access' on Android R, SD cards are now officially supported. The permission removes the restricted file access for apps that was introduced in Android KitKat times.

Things to note about the 'All files access' permission:

  1. The usage of 'All files access' permission is restricted for certain use-cases and Swift Backup will have to go through a review by Google before it can be released on Play Store with this permission. Google is planning to control the usage of this permission via Play Store developer policy. Currently it looks like only File Managers and Backup managers will be allowed to use this permission. Apps not distributed through Play Store do not need to worry about this.

  2. The new permission does not take effect for USB drives as of now. I've filed an issue with Google about this and it may get fixed in upcoming Android R beta releases. Update (19 May, 2020): This was a bug and the issue has been fixed internally by Google and the fix should be in the next Android R Developer Preview or Beta release.

  3. Also, it is not exactly an 'ALL' files access permission as the name implies (that would be nuts, still #blamegoogle for terrible naming). Its more like an 'Extended/Traditional' files access permission. Apps with this permission still cannot access private app specific directories (Android/data/xxx or Android/obb/xxx).

App 'External Data' and 'Expansion' parts now require root access for backup/restore

On Android R, all data directories of an app are now inaccessible to other apps. Previously until Android Q, accessing other apps' data on your Internal Storage i.e. External Data (Android/data/) and Expansion (Android/obb/) directories was still possible without root access. This is no longer the case.

Other changes

  • Apps: Fixed hidden data child directories being skipped during backup in some cases

  • Apps: New quick action 'Delete backups of missing apps'

  • Messages: Added progress dialog when Swift Backup is reading MMS media files

  • Messages/Call Logs: Cloud cache is now cleaned after backup/restore

  • Experimental support for USB drives on Android 10 and below with same restrictions as SD Cards i.e. if the app has access to Android/data/ directory.

  • Cloud: Updated OneDrive sdk (Please report if you are having issues with OneDrive usage)

  • Cloud: Added prompt to reconnect previously used cloud service after a reinstall

  • Simplified app theme switch options to Light, Dark and System default

  • Many bug fixes and a few minor UI improvements