• Dicken Christian

R impact on Swift Backup

Updated: May 18

My findings on Android 11 changes impacting Swift Backup. This article will be updated as and when I discover new features, restrictions, ideas regarding Android 11 official support.

Google's projected release timeline for Android 11

Storage updates

With the introduction of the new All files access permission, Android 11 now allows raw file access for apps (exemption needed) on removable storages.

What this means for Swift Backup users is that starting with Android R, removable storages will have first-class support compared to the existing experimental support.

Unfortunately, the permission doesn't take effect for USB Drives currently. I've filed an issue on the google issue tracker and we should be able to find out whether it is a bug or a feature.

Update (19 May, 2020): This was a bug and the issue has been fixed internally by Google and the fix should be in the next Android R DP or Beta release.

App backups

External Data and Expansion parts now require root access for backup/restore.

All app data directories are now inaccessible for other apps without root access. Previously, app data in External Data (Android/data/) and Expansion (Android/obb/) backup/restore was possible without root access.

Messages, Call Logs, Wallpapers & WiFi backups

No changes.